ClickSend SMPP API


For our customers that require high volume SMS messaging with the lowest possible latency, we offer a SMPP service.

You need to reach out to our 24/7 support team (via live chat on our website) to get your SMPP credentials to use this service. They will ask for the public IP address of your server(s) as they need to whitelist it before you connect.

Base URLs:

SMPP Account Details

We have 2 SMPP hosts available. We recommend you open at least 1 bind to each.

Setting Parameter
Host and
Port 2775 or 2776 for SSL/TLS
Username Provided by our 24/7 support team
Password Provided by our 24/7 support team

Maximum instances (binds): Default 2 per SMPP account. For more connections, please contact your account manager.

IP Access

To access the SMPP server, let us know the public IP address so we can whitelist it.

SMPP Parameters

Setting Parameter
NPI (Number Plan Indicator) 0
TON (Type Of Number) 1
Default Window Size (Assync Mode) 10
Data Encoding 0 (Default GSM 7 bit) or 8 (UCS2/UTF-16B) is recommended. Most other character encoding should be supported.
Keep Alive Interval 30

Message States

A message will always be in one of the following states:

Message state Value Description
ENROUTE 1 Message is in the process of being sent to the destination
DELIVERED 2 Message has been delivered to destination
EXPIRED 3 Message validity period has expired
DELETED 4 Message has been deleted
UNDELIVERABLE 5 Message is undeliverable
UNKNOWN 7 Message is in invalid state

Delivery Reports

Delivery report timestamps will be in the UTC timezone.